Church Ministry Assessments

Whether large or small, new or used, in what way would your church benefit or what value would a church or pastoral assessment have for any fellowship of believers?

Poimen Ministries can be a second set of eyes and ears to see how the ministry of your church is operating and to listen to you, the pastor, and other ministry leaders in your church as you express your concerns or questions. Often times the pastor and other team members “can’t see the forest for the trees.” However, an impartial, neutral “other” can observe and hear things not easily discerned or detected otherwise.

All observations are kept confidential. Nothing is relayed to outside leadership. A Poimen Ministries team member is present only by the pastor’s invitation and for the singular service of providing insights and suggestions. What the pastor decides to do with that feedback is entirely up to him. Any recommendations given are to be seen as just that, recommendations. The team member is present not only to help the congregation be a better church, but also to help each individual be a better servant to one another and to the community. Often times “smaller” churches may feel intimidated at having some stranger coming in and being critical of the lack of fruit. Or a “larger” church may have a reverse intimidation of, “If we invite someone they may think we have a problem.” A Poimen Ministries assessment will not only look for what can be improved … but also to help a church see the things they are doing right.

The average experience of a Poimen Ministries team member is 30+ years. We are here to serve!