Pastoral Transitions

When a pastor steps aside from his church, it can be for good reasons or sometimes for unfortunate ones. In either case, the church will be without a pastor, and will need to find out who the Lord has in mind to assume that role in the future. Therefore a transition process is needed … a process that moves the church from what it has been to what it will be.

There are many scenarios that can be played out in such transitions. Sometimes the outgoing pastor is part of the process, sometimes not. Either way, this fact must not be ignored: the outgoing pastor and church leadership need help.

Poimen Ministries has provided help to numerous churches that have found themselves in this place. And in pretty much every case, the church has gone on and done well with a new pastor and focus for the next thing the Lord wants to do.

We encourage pastors and churches not to go it alone. We can help, and want to serve you by helping your transition process go smoothly and with the hope that comes from Jesus.

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