Poimen (“Shepherd”) Ministries is a ministry to Senior Pastors

Our vision is to strengthen pastors so churches will be strengthened. The approach of Poimen Ministries is to connect experienced pastors with senior/lead pastors who need assistance in various areas of their ministries. Our ministry is highly relational. We rely on the Lord as we personally connect with pastors.


Our Vision

Our focus is to strengthen pastors, to strengthen churches.


What We Do

We listen … respond … counsel … coach … mentor … we assess … teach … and serve. We trust the Lord for His wisdom as we assist pastors.


Our Community

Poimen Ministries is made up of veteran pastors and wives. With over 300 years of combined ministry experience, we are dedicated to strengthening current lead/senior pastors.

Pastor’s Legacy Plan

Pastors, what care would your wife receive from the church if the Lord takes you home earlier than expected?

Poimen Ministries endorses and recommends a ministry called Pastors Legacy Plan to help pastors develop a well-rounded plan for protecting their families and providing for the next generation through the proper use of life insurance.

After many years of working with churches and pastors we know this area is often overlooked and yet it is at the core of loving families beyond our own existence. We encourage you to visit Pastors Legacy Plan as the first step in creating the legacy you desire as a means of providing for your wife and family, as the Lord expects.

For more information about Pastors Legacy Plan—you can watch the video above, visit the website– Pastors Legacy Plan, and read this blog post by Pastor Gillett– Holy Spirit, “Pay Attention, This is for You!” If you still have questions, please contact us!


Our Pastors

Al James

Bill Holdridge

Bob Claycamp

Bryan Newberry

Gillett Doggett

John Cowan

Marc Knutson

Pat Kenney

Phil Evans

Terry McNabb

Trip Kimball

Larry Anderson
in Memoriam