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About Al

Speciality Areas: Assessment: Church, Pastoral Transition, Leadership Duties

Spouse: Becky

Location: Prescott, AZ

Biography: Al and Becky have been married for 50 years. They have 2 daughters, 8 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. They both came to Christ the same night, November 24, 1975. It was a Monday night at Calvary Costa Mesa … Greg Laurie was in the pulpit. The message was centered on the Lord’s Prayer and Al remembers it as being “riveting.” The invitation was given and both Al and Becky acknowledged their need for Jesus and responded to the altar call. Experiencing a dramatic conversion, old things miraculously passed away and everything was new.

Within months, Al began sensing the call of God on his life. Along with serving anywhere and everywhere at Costa Mesa he also attended Calvary’s Ministry School. Not long after graduating the Lord led Chuck Smith to suggest Al & Becky move to Prescott Arizona to plant a new Calvary. In June of 1980 the first Calvary Prescott Bible Study was held. In the following 28 years ministries of nearly every kind were birthed through the ministry of Calvary Prescott.

In 2008, hearing a fresh call from the Lord, Al and the board of directors released the pastorate to his son-in-law Raj, who continues as the shepherd of Calvary Prescott. Today, Al & Becky are serving various churches. They started their Poimen experience as Transitional Pastor and wife of Calvary Chapel Wichita followed by serving as Transitional Pastor and wife of Calvary Chapel Arcata. They served for 4 ½ months in each of those locations. Since then Al has served as Transitional Pastor at CC Flagstaff, CC Tri-State (Cincinnati), CF Juneau and CC Lake Arrowhead. Both Al and Becky are privileged and blessed with the new work God has given them to do through Poimen Ministries.