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About Bill

Speciality Areas: Pastoral support, Assessment: Church, Pastoral transition

Spouse: Sheri

Location: Star, Idaho (near Boise)

Biography: Bill received Christ in 1969 at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, and in 1973 was filled with the Holy Spirit. It was at that time that the Lord called him into ministry. Within a couple of years he discovered that meant pastoral ministry, and the ministry of God’s Word.

Bill was deeply committed to a home fellowship out of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (and eventually became its pastor), and although never on staff at “big Calvary,” Chuck Smith was always Bill's pastor,  having studied and learned under Pastor Chuck for 4½ years before moving to the Monterey Peninsula to start his first church (February of 1978). During that season Bill also obtained a bachelor's degree in ministry from Melodyland School of Theology in Anaheim, CA.

His first official Sunday as pastor of what was then called Calvary Chapel of the Monterey Peninsula was March 1, 1979. He continued as the pastor of the fellowship for almost 27 years, until stepping down in February of 2006. During those years, the church grew into a solid community, and was able to eventually purchase property and build a facility. Bill marvels at the graciousness and patience of God — who allowed him to learn much about pastoral ministry as he grew in age and experience. Bill is convinced that in some ways his mistakes in ministry have been better teachers to him than his successes.

Much of his important spiritual growth came as he discovered some of the deeper realities of the new covenant. Bill's earlier years as a pastor brought depression and loads of self-doubt, but the Lord (who wastes nothing) used those hard times to teach him much about His grace, and to develop much greater compassion for people. 

In February of 2006 Bill began functioning as a so-called “pastor-at-large,” and in 2008 started Poimen Ministries. Since that time, the Lord has been gracious to provide many and varied opportunities to serve Him and His pastors.

Bill is passionate about pastoral ministry, and loves to encourage pastors in what they do. Bill knows that oftentimes, pastoral peers in ministry have few places they can go to share their hearts ... or they have few relationally based resources to which they can turn. That’s why Poimen Ministries was started …  to connect pastors to pastors in these ways. An interaction with a Poimen pastor is a safe experience. It’s also confidential. The pastor decides what to do with the input he’s given.

Bill sees the remaining years of his life and ministry as being years of help, support, consultation, and training of others who are called to shepherd God’s flock.