Pastor Bob and Jeanne Claycamp's April Newsletter

We are sending out our newsletter in differing formats each month to see if we can keep them from landing in people's spam folders. Half of our previous newsletters did not get to our recipients.
Jeanne and I served in various capacities during the month of March.
We hosted a Poimen Ministry table at the Southwest Pastors and Leaders Conference at Calvary Chapel Tucson, AZ the first week of March. These opportunities are critical to our ministry in that we get to meet so many of the pastors and their wives from all over the country. Sometimes it is just to give a listening ear to the challenges that are happening in their church. Other times it leads to a scheduled appointment to fly or drive out to their church and minister to their family and their church.
I was blessed to be asked to teach at our home church, Calvary Chapel North Phoenix, as well as at Calvary Chapel Casa Grande, AZ. I also had the opportunity to again meet many familiar faces at the Calvary Chapel Surprise, AZ Men's Retreat when they were up in Payson, AZ.
Jeanne did some special ministry to the women of Calvary Chapel Camp Verde, AZ. She led a Bible Study in the morning and evening and I spent most of the day with Pastor Kevin O'Neil.
Jeanne's sister and brother-in-law drove down from Oregon to spend some time with us during March. We were able to get away to San Diego and enjoy the ocean and just relax for a few days.
Jeanne and I have decided through much prayer that it was time to put our house up for sale and downsize. We now have a signed contract on it and are waiting for the process to come to the closing. The ministry that we are now doing requires that we travel quite a bit. We want to be more flexible and mobile, as well as to cut down on our monthly living expenses. It looks like we will be moving out by the end of May and storing our furniture in the home of one of the winter visitors that regularly attend our church. We will be living there until the fall season and then looking for a house to rent.
Wow, so much has opened up for us back in the UK! I have been given some major teaching opportunities in the UK and in Austria. I will be speaking twice at the York England Pastor's Conference (June 25-28) and twice at the CC Missions Conference in Austria (during the second full week of August). Jeanne has also been invited to speak at the Scotland Pastor's wives conference in Sept. So we have blocked out June 13-Sept 17 to be our ministry season over there.
When we land in London on June 14 we will be staying the Pastor Rob Dingman (Calvary Chapel Twickenham) and his family who live just outside of the Heathrow Airport area. I'll be teaching his Sunday morning service. Then we will train it over to Exeter to meet with Pastor Phil Pechonis of Calvary Chapel Exeter. He asked if I could fill in for him in the teaching responsibilities on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights the next two months to free him up to coordinate the CreationFest outreach the first full week of August. This is a week long festival to reach out with the gospel to the youth of England through teaching, performing arts, sports, and other creative ways. We accepted this opportunity as from the Lord and will be living in Exeter, England for two months. Exeter is just a few kilometers northeast of Plymouth, from where the Pilgrims embarked to go to the New World.
After CreationFest, Jeanne and I will be flying over to Millstat Austria to be involved with the Calvary Missions Conference. We will be hosting a Poimen Table at the conference and as I mentioned earlier, I will be teaching a couple of sessions. After the conference we will be flying back to Scotland to continue our ministry to the churches in the highlands and the lowlands.
In addition to this, my son, Pastor Jesse, and I have been invited to be among the conference speakers at the Calvary Chapel Africa conference in Cape Town, Africa the last week of September. We both are praying about this, but from all indications it is looking like we might take advantage of this opportunity. Jeanne will travel back from Scotland to Phoenix with a friend and I will stay a little longer in Scotland and then fly down to Cape Town until the end of September. I would fly back to Glasgow and take my originally scheduled flight back home to Phoenix, after a date change surcharge with US Airways.
We have a family that has offered to watch our basset hound for three months during this time. We'll see how that goes in our test run next week (we will be gone for about four days). I had a long talk with our dog to be sure he behaves himself. :-)
There are some great ministry opportunities ahead of us the next couple of months. We are heading to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area next week to host a Poimen ministry table at the Texas/Oklahoma Pastors Conference in Plano, TX. Then we will head to Oklahoma City, OK where I will teach on Sunday morning at the Calvary Chapel there. Then we will fly home on Sunday evening.
I'm also scheduled to teach at CC Maricopa in April, and CC Silver City, NM in May. Jeanne will be traveling with me, as usual. Her part is so important in the ministry, especially to the pastor's wives. At the end of May Jeanne and I will be spending about a week serving the Calvary Chapel Dayton, NV church.
The first weekend of June I will be teaching and ministering to the CC Yuma fellowship, followed by the weeklong Senior Pastor's conference in Murrieta, CA.
DOG SITTER(S) FOR OUR BASSET HOUND DURING OUR MINISTRY TRAVELSSTRENGTH, GOOD HEALTH AND SAFETY during all of these upcoming ministry opportunities.EFFECTIVE, FRUITFUL MINISTRY TO THE GLORY OF GOD in each of these ministry opportunities.SMOOTH TRANSITION AND GRACE with the move out of our home.FINANCES TO COVER OUR LIVING EXPENSES AND TRAVEL as we step out into these new areas of ministry the next six months. This will enable us to offer our ministry especially to those smaller churches around the country and beyond that can't afford to pay our way to their church. This includes attending the regional pastor's conferences to represent Poimen Ministries and to make personal connections with those pastors and their wives.GOD'S DIRECTION FOR OUR NEXT LIVING SITUATION THIS FALL
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