Pastor Bob and Jeanne Claycamp June-July 2012 Poimen Newsletter

It's been a while since our last newsletter. Much has happened over the past couple of months. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.
June began with ministry at Calvary Chapel of Yuma, Arizona. On Saturday, Pastor Chuck Stewart drove me down across the border to Algodonas, Mexico to meet the pastor of the Horizon Church (out of Horizonte Ensenda) there. Pastor Aaron Gomez and his wife have been there ministering for about a year now and their church is making an impact upon this small town. After dinner Pastor Chuck and I returned to Yuma. I taught at the two Sunday morning services there and then made my way to Murrieta, California for the Senior Pastor's conference.
The church facility in Algodonas, Mexico
I had the pleasure of once again attending the Senior Pastor's Conference in Murrieta, California the first full week of June. I go as one of the Poimen ministry pastors, as well as being counted as Pastor Emeritus for Calvary Chapel North Phoenix. There were almost 1000 pastors in attendance. I was able to make many contacts with fellow laborers who needed encouragement and fellowship. It was just a special joy to be able to see Pastor Chuck Smith continuing to smile and minister through the difficult season of chemotherapy treatments for his lung cancer.
Pastors Bob Claycamp, Chuck Smith, Jesse Claycamp
Jeanne and I sold our house and moved out the end of May. We are staying at the home of a wonderful lady in our home church who is currently summer-ing in the northwestern part of the country. She will be coming back in the fall and we will be renting a home in Anthem, Arizona when we come back from ministry in Europe. Our basset hound, Stanley, will be staying with friends for almost four months. They have three loving small children and two dogs. He should have a great time. See you, Stanley, when we get back.
Stan, the MAN, with a plan to steal your food off the table
Speaking of being away, we are definitely away...currently in England as I write this. The Lord opened the doors to do extensive ministry in the United Kingdom, Austria, and South Africa from mid-June through the first week of October. Packing for this trip was a challenge as well, but we made it: one check-in piece and one carry-one each.
Great job, Jeanne, one suitcase for four months...a miracle!
We landed in London and stayed in the home of the pastor of Calvary Chapel of Twickenham, England. His family was away on furlough and he offered their home to us to get through jet lag and to minister to his church on the following Sunday. After church we had lunch with several from the church before we boarded the train to Exeter, England.
Ministry at Calvary Chapel Twickenham, England
We had the great privilege to be asked to minister for a two month period to the folks in Calvary Chapel of Exeter, England. Pastor Phil Pechonis will be still attending the services but he is the main coordinator for the CreationFest outreach (week-long music and bible outreach to the youth of UK) which will be happening August 4-10. Thousands of people come to these outreaches (this is their 10th year) and the work to make sure all is covered is intensive. Please be praying over this tremendous opportunity to reach these youth. My teaching on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings at Calvary Exeter will be a tremendous help to Pastor Phil and to the outreach. Jeanne will be spending some time with the ladies in the church over the next few weeks to strengthen and encourage them as well. One of the people in the church has opened his home to us to stay while in Exeter.
Ministry and life at Calvary Chapel of Exeter, England
We were invited to attend and to speak at the UK Pastors and Leaders conference at the Calvary Chapel of York, England since we were going to be in the UK. We made the five hour train ride to York from Exeter and settled into our hotel which was around the corner from the church and Bible College. There were many pastors, wives, and church leadership from church all across the UK and Northern Ireland. The conference speakers were Pastors Dave Shirley, Bil Gallatin, Jim Orate, Frank Ippolito, Steve Vickery, Dave Sylvester, and myself. God used our time there to minister into some specific needs as well as to be ministered to by the other conference speakers, and just the witness of these committed brethren here in this dark land. Jeanne had the opportunity to minister to the women in a separate sessions along with Nancy Sylvester and Gerri Ippolito.
UK Pastors and Leaders Conference, with Jeanne teaching the women separately
We are now back in Exeter for the next month and a half, looking forward to the time of ministry to this congregation. We've been allowed to use a vehicle to get around on these narrow streets, so be praying for us that we be kept safe.
After the CreationFest event the first full week of August, we will be traveling to Austria where I will be teaching at the Missions Conference at Schloss Heraldeck conference center in Millstat, Austria. Afterward we will head back to the UK where we will be ministering to several of the Calvary Chapels. Jeanne will be teaching at the Scotland Pastor's wives conference the second weekend of September (7th - 9th).
On September 22nd, Jeanne and I will be traveling down from Glasgow, Scotland to Cape Town, South Africa where we will be ministering in two churches. Pastor Jesse Claycamp will be flying in from Phoenix to join us. We will be teaching at the Calvary Chapel Africa Pastor's conference hosted by Calvary Chapel of Cape Town, South Africa. Then we all fly back to Phoenix on Oct. 2.
GRACE AND STRENGTH for the very busy schedule ahead of us. Travel is not our goal; serving those who have requested our help is our focus. This is our direct service to the Lord Jesus.SAFETY IN OUR TRAVELS to the many destinations and many forms of transportation. I have to deal with motion sickness in traveling and the medication spaces me out all too often.HEALTH AND SENSITIVITY to the promptings of the Holy Spirit as we encounter each day and each ministry opportunity.FINANCES to cover the costs of the travel and our living expenses over the next four months. This will enable us to offer our ministry especially to those smaller churches that can't afford to pay our way to their church. This includes attending the regional pastor's conferences >to represent Poimen Ministries and to make personal connections with those pastors and their wives.UNITY of spirit between Jeanne and me as we work side by side in some very long and difficult situations.GRACE and joy for those who have committed to watch our Basset Hound during our months in Europe and South Africa.SPIRITUAL FRUIT TO THE GLORY OF GOD through our Poimen Ministry service. May our latter years of serving the Lord even more fruitful than our former years of ministry.
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Thanks again for taking the time to read our newsletter. PLEASE pray for us.
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Pastor Bob Claycamp
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