Our August-September 2014 Newsletter

We greet you once again and thank the Lord for your prayers and support this summer. The prayers and intercessions made on our behalf has unlocked many doors of opportunity. The financial support has made it possible for us to continue ministry here, enabling us to travel around the Southwestern part of England to further the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The summer months here in the UK are a bit slower than the rest of the year. The University students have gone back to their homes, families are planning their holidays (vacations for you US folks), and it is a time for us to rest a bit and get ready for a very active autumn season.
We were blessed to be able to host Phil Twente, the missions pastor at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, during a weekend in June and then drive him up to the UK Pastor's and Leader's Conference in York, England (about a 6 hour drive from Exeter with traffic). The fellowship and encouragement at this conference is a tremendous boost to the vision and focus of all the ministry that goes on here in the UK. Pastors Brian Brodersen, David Guzik, David Shirley, Bill Gallatin, Levi Lusko shared with us during the four day event. On the drive back home we stayed overnight with Chuck and Anita Saunders in Oxford, England
Pastor Phil Twente and Pastor Bob
Walmgate in York (upstairs is Calvary York coffee house!)
Chuck and Anita Saunders, Jeanne and Bob in Oxford
Jeanne and I were able to host a few more individuals during these summer months. Donna Lentine, from Arizona; Denise Savoie from Germany; Pastor Mike and Theresa Howard and family from Harrogate, England; and Pastor Chris Ward and his daughter, Madison, from Calvary in Maricopa, Arizona. We thoroughly enjoy hosting and serving others who come through. Our place turns into a kind of B&B, especially during the summer months!
We sold our blue van in June and purchased a more inexpensive vehicle enabling me to send Jeanne to the states this August for a three week whirlwind tour of Colorado, Oregon, and Arizona. She was able to see and love on all nine of our grandchildren, two of the oldest who had birthdays during August. Jeanne also had the opportunity to share with the Colorado team of ten who are coming over next month to do a ten-day ministry time to help with outreach into Exeter and Wotter. Also, during her time in Phoenix, she was able to share with many brethren how the work is going over here and to personally thank them for their support.
Christy, Josie, Jeanne in Aurora, Colorado
Jeanne with new puppies at Josie's house
Hannah's 15th Birthday in Phoenix, Arizona
Short Term Mission Team from Aurora, Colorado
Front of team t-shirt
back of team t-shirt
The first week of August is the annual CreationFest UK outreach, which takes place at the Royal Cornwall Showground just outside of the town of Wadebridge, England. This is a FREE music and Bible week, open to thousands of believers and unbelievers alike. I was asked to teach several times during this week and also volunteered at the Information Center to assist those who needed help. You can see what went on during that week by checking out the website: http://creationfest.org.uk I had the opportunity to minister to so many people--pastors, seekers, unbelievers, those from other countries. I was very blessed to see how many from our two congregations at Exeter and Wotter served as volunteers during this very busy week.
Helping at the Information Center at CreationFest
Praying with those about to be water baptised
My personal friend, co-worker and co-director of CreationFest, Pastor Phil Pechonis, passed away in July just before the event launched this year. It has been a bitter-sweet life experience for Jeanne and me. Phil was instrumentally used by the Lord to open our hearts to moving over to the UK during this later season of our lives. Phil leaves behind his wife, Megan, and four children. The family is moving back to the Ft. Lauderdale, FL area from where they were sent out many years ago. Phil is with the Lord right now, beholding His glory and has heard that 'Well done, good and faithful servant' from the lips of our Lord Jesus. This is truly a glorious thing. Please be in prayer for the Pechonis family, though, as they battle with major medical bills and with the deep loss of their husband and father. For more information on how you can help the family go to: http://creationfest.org.uk/philpechonis/index.html
The churches in Exeter and Wotter continue to grow spiritually and numerically. It is just amazing to me how people find us, since we do no real advertising. It has all been by word of mouth and the Holy Spirit setting up divine appointments throughout the weeks. Praise be to His glorious name! We are teaching on Sundays in the Gospel of Matthew, and mid-week we are doing a series called ROUTE 66, A Survey through the 66 Books of the Bible. You can listen to the recordings online athttp://www.calvaryexeter.co.uk/teachings.html
We finished our first session of Ministry Development Team (MDT) the end of July. The group of fifteen has bonded closely and we all have had a deeper appreciation of each other's hearts, gifts and vision. We begin again with session two in September for another three month period, twice a month for two hours on a Saturday morningat our home. This is one of the ways in which Jeanne and I believe we can pour into future leaders for ministry here in the Southwestern part of England.
Yea!! We just found out that we will be having a co-laborer moving to EnglandSeptember 9th to help us in the work! Molly Kruzel from Calvary Chapel Maricopa, Arizona obtained her two year visa to come alongside Jeanne and me for the ministry at Exeter and Wotter. Some of her responsibilities will be:
-help coordinate the outreach for Pastor Pat Lazovich coming during the last week of October
-help coordinate a possible DAY IN THE WORD event in Exeter in November
-interact and lead discipleship with the University ladies
-work with Jeanne in women's ministry
-some admin work for Calvary Exeter and Wotter Community Church
-help coordinate team events and logistics for Colorado team coming in September
-be on rota for children's ministry for both Exeter and Wotter, Sunday am and pm
If you would like to help support Molly financially for her ministry here, send any donations to Calvary Chapel Maricopa, 44301 W Maricopa Casa Grande Hwy #105, Maricopa, AZ 85138
Molly Kruzel
Calvary Maricopa sending out Molly to Exeter/Wotter
The next few months looks to be quite a busy time for us. Below is some of what's ahead, Lord willing:
* Short-term mission team from Calvary Chapel Aurora, Colorado will be with us Sept 12-23. This team will be led by our oldest son, Micah! They will be doing outreach in Exeter and Wotter, and helping with building repairs and maintenance at the Wotter church.
* Session Two of the Ministry Development Team begins September through November. It looks like there will be a few more individuals joining this team during this session.
* SOLOMON'S PORCH, our University student ministry in our home, will start back up in September on Friday nights, twice a month.
* Steve and Barb Tessitore, our co-laborers here from the states, will be on furlough for one month during September
* We will be hosting a pastor and his wife from Calvary Houston the first week of October. They are praying about moving over either to the UK or to Europe to church plant.
* Jeanne is (hopefully) scheduled for major surgery the first part of October. It will take place here in Exeter. Please pray for a successful surgery and quick recovery time with no complications or infections.
* Pastor Pat Lazovich from Calvary Chapel Sierra Vista, Arizona will be ministering with his 'hands-on' pottery message the last week of October here in Exeter. We are hoping to get the Exeter Cathedral green during the week and then the full presentation on Saturday night, November 1. Please pray that many will be touched and encouraged to get back to the Word of God during these presentations.
* Pastor Ed Taylor and family will be with us for a week before they fly to lead an Israel tour. Pray that they have a restful time and also for safety and strength during their time in Israel.
* Pastor Frank and Susie Gonzales from Athen's Greece possible one-month ministry here in November
* Christmas Carole Service for Wotter Community Church in December
* Jeanne and I are set for a month long furlough in California and Arizona Dec. 31 - Feb. 3. Hopefully we will be able to see some of you who have been praying for us and supporting us.
Here are the top prayer requests for the coming months:
** Larger meeting place in Exeter near the University by September (it looks like we will
have many more Uni students joining us this Autumn)
** Wisdom and discernment in raising up British leadership for future ministry
** Harvest Festival Food Outreach September 28th at Wotter Community Church
** Resources of all types to enable God to do all that is in His heart through us
** Balance in our family life between ministry involvements and personal time
** Studio Flat for Molly nearby the University of Exeter
** More laborers for the harvest here in the Southwestern part of England
Jeanne is posting regular updates to her blogsite:http://thepilgrimsheart.blogspot.com You
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