What We Can Do to Reconnect Young People to Church

Photo by  Devin Avery  on  Unsplash

Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash

Many Christian leaders are concerned about younger generations and their faith or lack thereof and for good reason. A bunch of research backs up this concern. Here are just a few reports—

Are we losing younger generations from church and the Christian faith? Yes, and we need to learn new ways to reconnect with young people.

The Calvary Chapel movement of churches was part of the Jesus People Movement of ‘60s and ‘70s. A major part of that movement were young people who were disenchanted with church, politics, and religion.

Just as then, the established church didn’t know how to reach many of us who were spiritual wanderers in those days. But God did and used many people from established churches who were willing to reach them in new ways.

In the two podcasts linked below, Pastor Bill interviews Pastor Bryan Newberry on what we as pastors can do to reach and reconnect with young people.

I’ve seen Pastor Bryan in action and have seen the fruit of his ministry, so check out these podcasts for his insights.