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About Bob

Speciality Areas: Assessment: Worship, Vision and Mission, Encouragement and Perspective

Spouse: Jeanne for over 46 years

Location: Exeter, England

Biography: Bob Claycamp was born in Oregon into the Christian home of Elmer and Alta Claycamp. He and his older sister Bev were raised to believe that God existed and loved each person, and that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God.

But as Bob entered his teen years he began to stray from these Biblical values established at home, and progressively entered the world of rock bands, drugs and immorality. His parents prayed, while Bob strayed.

When Bob was a sophomore in high school, his mother died of cancer. This further drove him to seek the true meaning of life. He opened his mind to the occult and the paranormal, and his drug use increased.

A few times he almost killed himself in his quest to find answers. But after graduating from high school, he met a few Christian young people who were very zealous for Christ. They attended a church in N.E. Portland.

Since they were renting rooms in the big three story house the rock band had rented, this put the gospel of Jesus Christ right in his face night and day. After weeks and weeks of debate and discussion, the Holy Spirit began to draw him into a saving relationship with Jesus. He and his high school sweetheart, Jeanne, prayed to receive Christ as their Savior. Things in their life started changing immediately.

An elderly white-haired saddle maker named Nick Gray introduced himself to Bob and Jeanne one Sunday night at church and began to disciple them in the Scriptures. He told them about a youth ministry that had recently moved up to Eugene, Oregon from a church in California (Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa), and took them down to meet this group. From this point on this youth group (Shiloh Youth Revival Centers) became the greenhouse for Bob and Jeanne’s Christian growth and ministry.

Bob and Jeanne married at age 18 in the beginning of 1970 and lived in several of the dormitory-style Christian youth houses that were springing up all over the country. This was the beginning of an eight and a half year involvement in Shiloh. Then in 1973 they moved out to the main Study Center in Dexter, Oregon where Bob became one of the teachers of the foundational Bible School for the youth ministry.

In 1978, Bob and Jeanne and their two sons, Micah and Jesse, moved to Arizona.  After about three years  selling insurance, and a third child later (Christopher), Bob began pastoring a small group of believers (1981) in the north part of Phoenix, which became known as Calvary Chapel-North Phoenix.  Since this church began,  many churches and ministries have been planted, and many worship leaders raised up and sent out.  Truly this has been entirely by the grace of God and the obedience of the many brethren that have been members of our  church.  

In November of 2010, Pastor Bob and the board of Calvary Chapel North Phoenix turned the church over to his second son, Jesse, to be the Senior Pastor. Now Pastor Bob and Jeanne have joined the ministry POIMEN(Greek word for shepherd) to come alongside other Senior Pastors and their wives for support, encouragement, and assistance. Since March 2013, they are currently serving in Exeter, England where Bob is pastoring and helping to raise up Briitsh leadership for future ministry involvements. He and Jeanne also come alongside the pastors and wives in the UK and Europe to give assistance and encouragement.

You can e-mail Pastor Bob if you have any questions.