Church and Ministry Assessment

An assessment is helpful for a busy pastor on many levels. For one, the results of an assessment are confidential ... for the eyes and ears of the senior pastor only. Two, an assessment is objective ... an impartial person from outside of the church will see things from a different perspective. Three, the one doing the assessment is a seasoned minister ... each Poimen Ministries pastor has many years of pastoral experience.

How are we serving our people and community? The bigger question is, how effective are the ministries of our church? An assessment can help with answering these questions and many others—

  • How is a ministry in this church birthed?

  • Who will lead and be accountable for each ministry?

  • Do we have too many ministries?

  • Are there ministries we should have but don't have currently?

  • How (and when) can we effectively end a ministry that has outlived its usefulness?

  • How is each ministry in sync with the church's mission and vision?

These and other questions will be asked and answered as we assess these things. The result will be more a streamlined and effective way to serve God’s people and the community.

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