Encouragement and Perspective

Pastoral ministry can be lonely. Leadership is lonely. Who do we talk to, as pastors? Who can or should you talk to about things as a pastor?

An outside set of ears and eyes are often helpful. An experienced Poimen pastor is ready to listen, ready to offer encouragement and even exhortation when needed.

Poimen Ministries' pastors understand the difficulties of pastoring in these last days. They love pastors, they want them to be the very best servant-leaders Jesus has called them to be. 

And it's all relational... iron sharpening iron.

Pastors need a friend, a trusted confidant, an encourager, a brother. Sometimes pastors just need help.

Poimen Ministries exists to help and support pastors. Our strong conviction is this—if the pastor is healthy and strong, the church will be affected in a positive way.

Because we love the church, and believe the church is the pillar and ground of the truth—the most important institution on earth—we need to support her pastors.

That's what we do. We support pastors in any way a pastor needs it.

Get Support from a Pastor: