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About Gillett

Speciality Areas: Preaching (Short Term), Assessment: Church, Marriage Counseling

Spouse: Victoria

Location: North Fork, CA

Biography: Our first exposure to Calvary Chapel was in 1971, right after the congregation moved into a large circus tent. Being from a rather conservative denominational church I was a little dubious of a bunch of hippies meeting in a tent with sawdust floors. And yet my wife and I, along with a neighbor friend, would make the hour and half trip from Rialto, CA each Thursday evening to listen to the teaching of Pastor Chuck Smith. His simple way of explaining the Bible kept me coming back for about nine months. During that time Greg Laurie came to nearby Riverside and began a ministry there. Eventually we began to regularly attend those meetings.

After attending Calvary Chapel of Riverside for about a year Greg gave his approval for us to begin a home Bible study. By 1979 the group decided they would like to become a Calvary Chapel of Rialto. We approached Greg about it, he gave us the green light and in August we had our first meeting at the Frisby Park. However, there was one misunderstanding. At the time I was high school teacher in Fontana and assumed Greg would be sending someone to pastor the church. While we waited for that to happen I and a couple other guys took turns teaching on Sunday mornings. That continued for about two months and the people were getting antsy. I met with Greg to ask when he would be sending a pastor. His response? “You started it … you are the pastor!” After some Moses moments I finally consented to try. I continued to teach high school for two more years while doing on-the-job training at being a pastor.

The congregation went through several moving processes, form one facility to another, and from one city to another before finally completing and moving into our own building in 1987. It was about that time God began opening an opportunity for Victoria and me to make a move and begin a work in the little community of North Fork, CA. It was a difficult decision to leave a growing congregation and the security of a church family, but in 1990 we made the move to meet with a congregation of 12, including children. But God has let us be a part of the work He is doing in our community and church.

In July of 2007 the Lord led us to step aside from the role of senior pastor and to go in another direction with His ministry. Victoria and I rejoice to be a part of the Poimen Ministries team.

Over the years God has brought into our lives many pastors, their wives and leaders who needed encouragement and counsel, and we’ve recognized that none of it was by accident.

We continue to make ourselves available to minister where needed.