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About John

Speciality Areas: Assessment: Church, Assessment: Worship, Pastoral Transition

Spouse: Laura

Location: (Current) Bishop, CA

Biography: During High School, I jumped into the ‘hippie’ movement - playing in rock-n-roll bands, doing drugs and looking for ultimate meaning. I searched in many different directions - psychedelics, philosophy, metaphysics, and new-age spirituality - but it was all empty. Eventually I came to the conclusion that the ultimate answers must be found on the ‘other side’ of life. So, I took a full bottle of sleeping pills (‘reds’), dropped acid (LSD), burned incense, played my music and got ready for the ‘adventure’. I ended up in a coma for 3 days with a 50/50 chance of living.

Surviving renewed my search for Truth in this life - eventually coming to Antioch Ranch, a Christian commune near Mendocino, California where I met genuine born-again believers. They opened their ranch and their lives to me and shared the love of God. I gave my life to Jesus, asking Him to take my life and do whatever He wanted with it. I was born again that day and have never looked back.

As a musician, I began writing and singing songs about the Lord and sharing my testimony - eventually being joined by my wife, Laura, as well. In 1976, I became Director of Media at Maranatha! Music where I did radio, TV and film productions and helped get albums out to radio producers.

During this time, Laura and I got involved with ‘Enjoying Marriage’, led by Pastor Ron & Betty Wiseman, which taught biblical principles of marriage to couples. We served as team members and, eventually, as Board Members. In 1978, I became the founding Producer for ‘The Word for Today’ radio program featuring the teaching of Pastor Chuck Smith. Editing Chuck’s teaching tapes saturated me with the Word of God. When given opportunity to teach at our home fellowship, God began placing His call on my life.

Soon after, we moved to Sacramento, California and began Calvary Chapel of Sacramento, where I was privileged to pastor for 26 years. There we saw God raise up ministries, plant churches, send out pastors and missionaries, and bring men, women and children into His Kingdom. It was also during those years that Laura and I raised our 8 kids (we now have 10 grandkids), homeschooled for 20 years, led couples’ retreats and continued to enjoy our outrageously blessed marriage. Laura is an awesome lady, amazing Pastor’s Wife, gifted speaker and writer, tremendous pre-school teacher, and prayer-warrior with a heart for missions and cross-cultural ministry.

In 2006, a change came. I joined the staff of Calvary Chapel Salt Lake City, Utah as Associate Pastor with Terry Long. Terry had previously served with me as a ministry intern at Calvary Chapel Sacramento. What began as a ‘1-year active sabbatical’ became 9 years of blessed and fruitful ministry in Salt Lake City!

And now? As of June 2015, Laura and I are honored to be part of the Poimen Ministries team sent out out to help pastors, churches and missionaries fulfill their calling.