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About PaT

Speciality Areas: Preaching (Short Term), Assessment: Ministry, Encouragement and Perspective

Spouse: Pamela

Location: Kapolei, Hawaii

Biography: I confessed Jesus as my Savior in 1968 at a Campus Crusade for Christ meeting at Chicago City College–Loop Campus. But after a few weeks I slipped back into the flood and haze of the late 60s. In 1971, after three years of wasting away, I hiked out to Southern California and surrendered my life totally to Christ at a commune called “Our Father’s Family.”

In early ’72 I moved in with the pastor of Christian Chapel of Walnut Valley and really began to grow in my love for Jesus and desire to serve Him wherever and however He would lead.

I met my wife to be, Joyce, in the summer of ‘72 and we were married the following year. After we were wed we began fellowshiping at Calvary Costa Mesa for the next couple of years. I was working a secular job, going to lots of studies and waiting for God’s plan. In ’75 we moved back to the church in Walnut were I was teaching various Bible studies, leading worship–and still waiting. A year later, my wife and I were challenged to step out into a one year intensive full time discipleship ministry serving the body at Christian Chapel. We did so and that one year of living on faith turned into 33 years of awesome service!

After 5 years at Walnut, I was asked to pastor a new small church in Escondido, CA that had lost their pastor. So in July of ’81 we began pastoring Christian Chapel of Escondido, which a few years later became Calvary Chapel of Escondido. I had the honor of watching that little church of about 40 folks grow into a thriving and fruitful church of close to a thousand people twenty years later.

In 2003 my precious wife was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and after a nearly four year battle, the Lord took her home in July of ’07. After Joyce passed, the Lord was stirring my heart to raise up one of my younger pastors to take over the leadership of the church. In April of ’08 I stepped down as Sr. Pastor and passed the reigns to Miles DeBenedictus. I began to sense that God had other areas of ministry for me where I could use my gifts and experience to be an encouragement and help to others in ministry.

In addition to providing guest teaching at various Calvary Chapels in the San Diego area, I am also working with a mission’s administrative ministry called Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators. In that capacity, I serve as their Western U.S. Regional Mission’s Pastor, presently serving 75 missionaries from 40 sending churches.

On a very personal and important note, the Lord has blessed me with a wonderful woman in my life! Her name is Pamela, and we were married on May 1, 2010. God is faithful!

My deep desire is to continue to be used however the Lord would lead and finish well through my older years.