Vision and Mission

When the pastor has vision and orders his ministry life in a manner consistent with that vision, the church is blessed. 

When the pastor loses his vision, not only are the people unclear about what the Lord wants to do, so is the pastor. He can quickly move from being the leader to a follower if he's not careful. Without vision, he will become a responder to perceived needs and demands of the flock. Burnout is oftentimes the result.

Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint (Pro 29:18 ESV)

When a Poimen pastor comes alongside a senior pastor, he seeks to draw out from the pastor what the Lord has shown him. The purpose isn't to create new vision or steer the pastor in any way, but simply help the pastor rediscover what he knows from God.

This can lead to renewed focus and strength as the pastor/leader moves ahead with what God has shown him.

This how a vision and mission discussion with a Poimen pastor can help.

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